In the world of customer service, Amazon is a legendary trailblazer. The e-commerce giant has redefined the customer experience, and as business owners, there's much to learn from their success. What can we mirror to help our own businesses thrive? Let's dive into this topic and help elevate your customer service skills. 

Area 1: The Business Benefits of Exceptional Customer Service

You'd be surprised how important it is to offer customer service with a smile. One of my favorite lines from the play (yes, like Broadway play) “Hamilton” is “Talk less, smile more”. I think that speaks volumes and while speaking up certainly has its own effects, it can be seriously helpful to just shut up and smile. It allows you to actively listen to customers, demonstrate empathy, and efficiently resolve issues. This approach not only creates positive impressions but also leads to higher customer satisfaction, in my experience. 

In fact, Forbes states that in 2020, 86% of customers were willing to pay MORE for a great customer service experience. MIC DROP on the importance of customer service.

Area 2: The Pillars Of Customer Service Excellence

Know Your Customers:  Knowing your customers is vital for delivering personalized service, anticipating needs, building trust, and fostering loyalty. So take the time to ask them questions, create conversations, and start building trust.

Building Trust: Trust is the glue that holds any relationship together, and it's no different in the world of business. Be consistent in your promises and follow through on commitments. If you encounter an issue or mistake, own up to it and take swift action to make it right. Trust is often tested when things go wrong, and how you handle those moments can define the strength of your customer relationships.

Overdeliver: I learned this one from Chris @cleartheshelf. Overdelivering in customer service creates moments of delight, fosters customer loyalty, and sets your business apart from the competition by exceeding customer expectations. It's a powerful way to leave a lasting positive impression 

Feedback Loops: These provide a direct channel for customers to share their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions. By actively seeking and listening to customer feedback, businesses not only demonstrate their commitment to improvement but also gain valuable insights into areas where they can enhance their service. 
PRO TIP: Sometimes customers want to give you feedback without offending you and they'll want to do so anonymously. Give them that option! 

Area 3: Tools and Strategies for Exceptional Customer Service

Multi Channel Communication: Make it  extremely easy for your customers to get ahold of you. offering multichannel communication ensures that your business is accessible, responsive, and adaptable to various customer needs and preferences. Make a promise to respond to your customers in a set amount of time (or less) and make that evident on your social media, website, or wherever so they know what to expect… and then OVERDELIVER
- Email
- Phone
- Live Chat
- Messenger systems (FB, Whatsapp, Text Message)

Area 4: Handling Challenging Situations

This is going to really set you apart. Managing challenging customer situations with finesse is a critical aspect of exceptional customer service. When faced with difficult customers, remember to stay calm and empathetic. Begin by actively listening to their concerns, allowing them to express themselves fully. Next, acknowledge their issues and take ownership of the situation (even if you're not at fault), reassuring them that you're committed to finding a solution usually will help them settle down a bit. Finally, work collaboratively with the customer to resolve the problem, offering alternatives when necessary and keeping that feedback loop open. 

In summary, taking a page from Amazons customer service book can help you raise your customer satisfaction. 

Remember the 4 areas we talked about! The benefits of customer service excellence, the pillars of customer service, tools and strategies, and handling challenging situations. Now get out of here and get some real life practice in! 

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