Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you send out free leads every Friday?

    Yes! I send out free leads every single Friday but only to 45 random people. When you sign up for my email list you will learn more about the lottery system for this.

  • Depending on which list you prefer to join the wait may be 30-90 days. I do send out emails with free leads every friday to help hold you over!

  • Each weekday the lists are delivered no later then 10 AM Eastern. Often the lists are ready a few hours before this though so once you sign up be sure to check your email each morning for notification that they are uploaded.

  • Every seller is at a different point in their Amazon journey and I have a list for everyone! Sellers on a budget will get the most value from one of the Best of The Rest lists while New sellers will benefit most from the Ungated lead list (unrestricted leads), moderate to experienced sellers usually fix the Blue, Purple, and Red lists. Seasoned sellers usually fit best with the silver or gold lists. If you’re looking for a niche list please check out the beauty or replens list.

  • Due to the varying circumstances each seller has it's not possible to accurately calculate additional costs for everyone. That's why we set a minimum profit of $6

  • Your subscription payment will auto rebill each month on the same day you signed up via the same payment method from when you initially signed up.

  • If you were an active subscriber to any of the monthly subscription lists during the previous month you can view the appropriate archived lists at

  • Please first try using the customer dashboard at .If you still need help please reach out to me using any method on my contact page at least 24 hours prior to be cancelled. Email is preferred (

  • Once you sign up for my email list you will begin receiving emails from me that will include various tips, tricks, tools, etc... as well as one time lists (OTL's) that I send out typically about twice per week (in addition to Free Lead Friday's). OTL's are a one time purchase and do not have recurring costs. These OTL's will vary between lists but this is currently the best option if you're not ready for a daily list.

  • Nope! You will always have access to the appropriate archived lists in your customer dashboard at

  • Our new customer dashboard is up and running so you can create an account and any list you purchase after Nov 1st, 2021 will be available to view! up